Open Your Eyes

With Spectre's
Mobile Virtual Reality Eye Tracking System 

  VR Spectre enables high performance VR on smartphones with its innovative application of foviated rendering. Our technology is compatible with most mobile VR headsets and enables users to experience high-end PC quality, immersive VR applications on the go. VR Spectre aims for a much smoother VR experience allowing users to replace the touch input controls with eye gaze control.

Mobile Platform

Performance Boost

Reliable Interface

VR Spectre allows users to enjoy high quality virtual reality anywhere at any time. With Spectre, high-end PCs are no longer required. Thanks to our innovative technology, virtual reality becomes easily available to smartphone users. VR Spectre transforms smartphones
into powerful virtual reality devices. We make immersive virtual reality experience cables free!

 Our technology significantly reduces the demand of running virtual reality software. We overcame the largest VR obstacle - high performance requirements. Spectre's innovative technology effectively multiplies the frame rate of VR apps. With Spectre, users can use VR applications, which previously were not compatible with smartphones.  
 With VR Spectre, users can point, choose, shoot and interact with their eyes. This allows users not only to observe, but also to explore virtual reality world with sight.